• Hunting periods

    France is the European country with the longest hunting time periods. These vary according to the hunted species and the type of hunting. Additional hunting periods exist that come on top of the regular timetable. As a result, hunting with a gun is allowed ten out of twelve months and certain types of hunting, as well as trapping, are allowed all year round!

    General opening period:
    – From September to February 28th

    Water bird hunting:
    – From beginning of August to January 31st

    Summer hunting (fox, deer, wild boar):
    – From June 1st to the general opening period

    March hunting beats (fox, wild boar):
    – March 1st until March 31st

    Hunting with hounds:
    – September 15th until March 31st

    Underground hunting:
    – From September 15th until January 15th
    – Additional hunting period from May 15th until September 15th
    – Foxes can be hunted all year round as they are falsely classified as “harmful”

    – All year round!

    The above dates can vary from one year to the next and are listed here so as to enable the reader to have a wide understanding of the situation. A factor that affects these changes is prefectural decrees at the department level.