• A contradiction of the values of our society

    Hunting is increasingly out of step with the values of our contemporary society, which advocates benevolence, solidarity, nonviolence and the respect for life.

    The practice of hunting is the school of violence, the passion for weapons and the pleasure to kill.

    This pastime is contested by the majority and runs counter to the evolution of our society, which aspires to new relationships based on respect with the animal kingdom.

    According to a survey from SOFRES (2011), 87% of French people want wild animals to be legally protected against bad treatments – at present the legislation only protects domestic animals. This would annihilate hunting.

    Hunting also prevents the development of ecotourism, green lodges and new, booming nature-friendly activities.

    In the near future, people will struggle to understand that there existed a pastime consisting in killing animals and it will seem deranged and preposterous. The abolishment of hunting is an inevitable moral progress for the human race.