• An unethical activity

    Nowadays in France, hunting is not a necessity anymore – it is a “fun” activity that consists of tracking and killing animals.

    Hunting is being perpetrated despite the fact that animals have a nervous system and are sentient: they feel, they have emotions, they bond, they are conscious of their subjective experiences.

    Hunting is by essence an aggression and the purpose is to kill. It implies an absolute negation of the sensitive character of animals.
    It is not acceptable to let the infliction of suffering and death be the enjoyment of some individuals. We cannot claim that we are a society baring values of solidarity, benevolence, nonviolence and the respect for life, while at the same time allowing hunting. It is the school of violence, the passion for weapons, the pleasure to kill.

    A pastime that consists of killing sentient beings does not befit the evolution of our society.