• Significant ecological damages

    Hunting is responsible for significant ecological damages, which are reported by nature associations and scientists on a regular basis.

    It has a quantitative impact on wildlife: through the obvious fact of killing it, but also via the disturbances it causes it. Each year in France, hunters kill about 40 million animals. Over the course of a weekend, 300,000 birds are killed, which is equivalent to the number of victims during the infamous Erika oil spill. The disturbance caused by hunters has the adverse effects of: decreasing the population of certain species due to the modification of the geographical distribution of the latter (particularly noticeable among water birds), creating a survival decrease due to the individuals’ energy loss (less time to rest and feed, more time required for surveillance and fleeing) and creating a decrease in the success of reproduction.

    By modifying the behaviours and health patterns of huntable species, hunting also has a qualitative impact on wildlife. Scientists have observed that the act of hunting creates a population of animals that are stressed and afraid, and who run away at the slightest attempt to approach them. These animals are very sensitive to disturbances and form a fragile population, demographically weak.

    The use of lead cartridges has caused lead poisoning and a disease called “saturnisme”, affecting over 60% of certain duck species.

    The numbers of most huntable species are decreasing, hence each year hunters release about twenty million bred animals (partridge, pheasant, hare, duck…), so as to be able to continue practicing their activity. The releases of these animals are absolutely disastrous, as they weaken the remainder of the natural populations through diseases brought by these domesticated animals. Thus, it fully disrupts the ecosystem and causes severe genetic pollution to wildlife.

    As we have demonstrated, when hunters claim that there is a need to regulate populations because of overpopulation, it is an absolute scam.